Welcome to the Shadows of Asteron Campaign!

Using the Dungeons & Dragons 4e rules, this campaign will take the player characters from lowly level 1 all the way to the truly epic level 30.

Twenty five years ago the lands of Caliga Valley were rocked by a massive meteor that struck the Talia Plateau and poisoned its inhabitants. The once great dragonborn city of Talos was ruined and its surviving inhabitants forced to flee into the surrounding lands. On that very same day, the oracle of Lyceum was possessed and began to write a lengthy and obscure prophecy. Many scholars and sages worked tirelessly to translate and interpret The Star Prophecy. Their consensus? A great evil would rise to use the power of the great meteor to disrupt the balance of the cosmos and cast a terrible shadow over the lands. Only a handful of children marked by the passing of the great meteor at their birth could rise to upset and defeat the great evil. And so from humble beginnings our story begins twenty five years later with the meeting of those children bearing the prophesied Star Marks.

Character Creation
Setting Information

  • Characters start at level 1.
  • Backgrounds can be taken, excepting those found in the Forgotten Realms Player Guide.
  • In addition, characters also receive a bonus feat at character creation representing their Star Marks.

Shadows of Asteron